Sentence Examples

  • The method of scrying, as generally practised, is simple.
  • CRYSTAL - GAZING, or Scrying, the term commonly applied to the induction of visual hallucinations by concentrating the gaze on any clear deep, such as a crystal or a ball of polished rock crystal.
  • The early church condemned specularii (mirror-gazers), and Aubrey and the Memoirs of Saint-Simon contain "scrying" anecdotes of the 17th and 18th centuries, while Sir Walter Scott's story, My Aunt Margaret's Mirror, is based on a tradition of about 1750 in a noble Scottish family.
  • Sometimes the supposed magician or medicine man himself did the scrying; occasionally he enabled his client to see for himself; often a child was selected as the scryer.
  • Our remarks are therefore based mainly on considerable personal study of "scrying" among normal British subjects of both sexes, to whom the topic was previously unknown.

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