Sentence Examples

  • Some guitars like Stratocasters have a cover over the opening of the backside of the guitar that you will need to remove with a screwdriver to be able to pull the old string through.
  • Once you've finished the safety guidelines above, the actual repairs usually require nothing more than a standard screwdriver, wire strippers and sometimes a pair of heavy duty needle nose pliers.
  • Insert the fixture up into the access hole until its lip is even with the ceiling and use a screwdriver to raise the brackets on the inside of the lighting can.
  • The mechanism itself is relatively straightforward, and some fundamental troubleshooting can be done in a half hour with a screwdriver and possibly a voltage tester.
  • Using your drill with the screwdriver bit, drive the first sheetrock screw at the center of the sheet, and then continue driving the screws every six inches toward the edge of the sheet.