Sentence Examples

  • Fedia cornucopiae, Gaertn Helichrysum Stoechas, DC Centaurea (Seridia), sp. Urospermum Dalechampi, Scorzonera alexandrina, B Stachys hirta, L.
  • - Sow main crops of wrinkled marrow peas; Longpod and Windsor beans; cabbage, onions, leeks, Early Horn carrots, parsnips, salsafy, scorzonera, Brussels sprouts, borecoles, lettuces and spinach.
  • - Sow asparagus, sea-kale, Turnip-rooted beet, salsafy, scorzonera, skirret, carrots and onions on heavy soils; also marrow peas, Longpod and Windsor beans, turnips, spinach, celery, RIII.

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