Sentence Examples

  • Sclerites and the softness of the skin, but with the respiratory system absent.
  • The female can protrude a long flexible tube in connexion with the eighth segment, carrying the sclerites of the ninth at its extremity, and these sclerites may carry short hairy processes A B D.yrnt,sc/'rle moathd ..
  • The regions of this cuticle have a markedly segmental arrangement, and the definite hardened pieces (sclerites) of the exoskeleton are in close contact with one another along linear sutures, or are united by regions of the cuticle which are less chitinous and more membranous, so as to permit freedom of movement.
  • I, 2) is composed of a number of sclerites firmly sutured together, so that the primitive segmentation is masked.
  • - Legs and Ventral Thoracic Sclerites of Female Cockroach (Blatta).

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