Sentence Examples

  • Special effects contacts range from circle lenses in realistic colors that make your eyes look much larger and doll-like to black or white sclera lenses that can be quite spooky and give you a haunting stare.
  • You can purchase sclera contact lenses at several different online sites, including Extreme Fx, and while the convenience of purchasing your theatrical look online is enviable, the price, at $269.00, is not.
  • That said, however, it's virtually impossible to purchase sclera (named so because it covers the whites of the eyes; "sclera" is the technical term for the "whites" of the eye) for much cheaper than that.
  • Sometimes sclera lenses can run a few hundred dollars each, so be sure to ask yourself (or the retailer) how often you will wear them and how often you can wear the lenses before you need a fresh pair.
  • Vision Direct: You won't find the largest selection available here, but there are a few gems, such as the popular black sclera lenses that many people like to use as part of a Riddick costume.