Sentence Examples

  • Ranging from classically retro tuxedos and ballroom gowns to scandalously revealing sequin-covered bodysuits, the costumes are designed to draw the judges' attention to the individual performers amidst the crowd of the dance floor.
  • Unless you're trying to find a scandalously racy bra, there's a good chance Victoria's Secret has something that will give you just the look you're going for, regardless of your definition of sex appeal.
  • Beyond the cover, the pages inside are filled with a bevy of new beauties scandalously clad in daring bikinis and posed in a variety of decadent locales.
  • Choosing a suit with an unexpected dash of lace, or scandalously placed buttons can certainly spice up your beach trip.
  • A micro mini thong bikini is scandalously daring; wearing one all but guarantees that all eyes will be on you!