Sentence Examples

  • Grasses grow luxuriantly, and the savannahs of central Cuba are, in this respect, excellent cattle ranges.
  • Those of them, however, who have farms in the savannahs and are accustomed to take long rides in all weathers, and those whose trade obliges them to take frequent journeys in the mountainous interior, or even to Europe and North America, are often as active and as little burdened with superfluous flesh as a Scotch farmer.
  • There are deer in the forests and on the open savannahs, the rabbit and squirrel are to be seen on the eastern slopes of the Andes, and partly amphibious rodents, the "capybara" (Hydrochoerus) and "guagua" (Coelogenys subniger), are very numerous along the wooded watercourses.

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