Sentence Examples

  • ASSUR-BANI-PAL ("Assur creates a son"), the grand nzonarque of Assyria, was the prototype of the Greek Sardanapalus, and appears probably in the corrupted form of Asnapper in Ezra iv.
  • 32), one of the generals of Sardanapalus, king of Assyria and founder of the Median empire about 830 B.C. But Ctesias's whole history of the Assyrian and Median empires is absolutely fabulous; his Arbaces and his successors are not historical personages.
  • SARDANAPALUS, or Sardanapallus, according to Greek fable, the last king of Assyria, the thirtieth in succession from Ninyas.
  • Sardanapalus now threw off his sloth and for two years the issue was doubtful.
  • Another Ninus is described by some authorities as the last king of Nineveh, successor of Sardanapalus.