Sentence Examples

  • Fabius Sanga, their "patron" in Rome, who in his turn acquainted Cicero.
  • The eastern boundary runs from the Sanga irregularly north to io° N., where it approaches the British frontier at Yola, so that at its narrowest part the protectorate is little more than 50 m.
  • In the south-east of the colony the streams - of which the chief are the Dscha and Bumba - are tributaries of the Sanga, itself an affluent of the Congo.
  • Of the right bank of the Sanga, from the confluence of the Dscha upwards, are in German territory.
  • The best-known of these companies, the St d-Kamerun, holds a concession over a large tract of country by the Sanga river, exporting its rubber, ivory and other produce via the Congo.

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