Sentence Examples

  • There are coalmines, several ironworks - one is among the largest in Scotland - and, on the sandhills along the shore, the works of Nobel's Explosives Company, which cover an area of a mile, the separatehut principle being adopted to minimize the risks attendant upon so dangerous an occupation.
  • The coast, which curves to the N.E., is marked by a line of sandhills covered with thick bush and rising in places to a height of 500 ft.
  • Behind the sandhills is a low-lying plain in which are a number of shallow lagoons.
  • " Coast forests " grow in small patches along the lower courses of the rivers, at their mouths, and on the sandhills along the coast.
  • Anthaceous plant, whose stems ramify through the sandhills; the other two are a 1M M Iartynia and an Aniseia, which maintain a subterranean existence during many years, and only produce leafy stems in those rare seasons when sufficient moisture penetrates to the roots.

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