Sentence Examples

  • In both classes navigation is greatly impeded by sandbars at the mouths of these rivers, while in the districts of periodical rainfall it is greatly restricted in the dry season.
  • This coast has no bays of importance, its rivers are obstructed by sandbars, and it has only one natural harbour - that of Carmen and the Laguna de Terminos, which has sufficient depth for the larger classes of vessels and is sheltered by the islands of Carmen and Puerto Real.
  • And Luy, and on the right by the Midouze, which is formed by the union of the Douze and the Midour, and is navigable for 27 m.; now taking a south-westerly course it receives on the left the Gave de Pau, which is a more voluminous river than the Adour itself, and flowing past Bayonne enters the sea through a dangerous estuary, in which sandbars are formed, after a total course of 208 m., of which 82 are navigable.
  • The Gulf Plains have a coast line of about 400 m., and are: bordered along the Gulf of Mexico by a series of long narrow islands and peninsulas, or sandbars, which have been formed by the waves breaking on the shelving shore.

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