Sentence Examples

  • Sauvignon Blancs come from around the world and have fun comparing a Sancerre from France with Sauvignon Blancs from New Zealand, Napa Valley, and South Africa.
  • It is divided into three arrondissements (29 cantons, 292 communes) cognominal with the towns of Bourges, SaintAmand-Mont-Rond, and Sancerre, of which the first is the capital, the seat of an archbishop and of a court of appeal and headquarters of the VIII.
  • Bourges, Saint-Amand-Mont-Rond, Vierzon and Sancerre (q.v.) are the principal towns.
  • But from 1181 to 1185 he had to struggle against a feudal league of his Champagnard uncles and other great barons, whose most active member was Stephen I., count of Sancerre 1152-1191).
  • The vine flourishes chiefly in the east of the arrondissement of Sancerre.