Sentence Examples

  • WILLIAM THOMAS SAMPSON (1840-1902), American naval commander, was born at Palmyra, New York, on the 9th of February 1840, and graduated at the head of his class from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1861.
  • In February 1898 Sampson, then a captain, was president of Board of Inquiry as to the cause of destruction of the "Maine."
  • When it was known that Admiral Cervera, with a Spanish fleet, had left the Cape Verde Islands, Sampson withdrew a force from the blockade to cruise in the Windward Passage, and made an attack upon the forts at San Juan, Porto Rico.
  • Sampson himself was not actually present at the battle, having started for Siboney just before it began to confer with General .Shafter, commanding the land forces.
  • The fine was exacted, and the prisoners, with the exception of Woolls Sampson and W.