Sentence Examples

  • In 1210 Valdemar led a second expedition eastwards, this time directed against heathen Prussia and Samland, the chief result of which was the subjection of Mestwin, duke of Pomerania, the leading chieftain in those parts.
  • SAMLAND, a peninsula of Germany, in the province of East Prussia, on the Baltic. It separates the Frisches Haff on the W.
  • The former episcopal see of Samland was founded by Pope Innocent IV.
  • See Reusch, Sagen des preussischen Samlandes (2nd ed., Konigsberg, 1863); Jankowsky, Das Samland and seine Beviilkerung (Konigsberg, 1902); Hensel, Samland Wegweiser (4th ed., Konigsberg, 5905); and the Urkundenbuch des Bistums Samland, edited by Wolky and Mendthal (Leipzig, 1891-1904).
  • In 1553 Duke Albert of Prussia, anxious to heal the differences in the Prussian church caused by the discussion of Osiander's doctrines, invited him to Konigsberg, and in the following year appointed him professor of divinity and president of the Samland diocese.

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