Sentence Examples

  • While some clubs cater to specific genres of dancing, such as country line dancing or salsa dancing, the traditional club scene in America, as well as any bar that has a dance floor and loud music, entails simply grooving to the music.
  • Serve salsa and rice dishes with a fresh garden salad, or as side dishes with fondue, or alongside a plate of burritos; alternatively, combine the salsa and rice dishes into 1 casserole and use the leftovers as burrito filling.
  • For a simple savory snack that’s sure to be a hit at any 4th of July bash, just set out a bowl of blue corn tortilla chips alongside a dish of colorful tomato salsa (store-bought or homemade) and a dish of sour cream.
  • The basilica of St Salsa, which has been excavated by S.
  • Big eaters will enjoy the fajita combo for two and the bottomless basket of chips and salsa.