Sentence Examples

  • Salm, Isenburg, Leyen) should only be represented mediately in the diet of the new Confederation.
  • Of more importance were the two sieges by the Turks (1529 and 168 3), when the city was saved on the first occasion by the gallant defence of Count Niclas von Salm (1459-1530), and on the second by Rüdiger von Starhemberg (1638-1701), who held out until the arrival of the Poles and Germans under John Sobieski of Poland.
  • Local weights and measures include the cantar, 175 lb; salm, one imperial quarter; cafiso, 42 gallons; canna, 6 ft.
  • But his views met with much opposition; and it was only through the protection of the archbishop, Prince Salm-Salm, that he was enabled to retain his chair.
  • De Keratry, La Creance Jecker; l'empereur Maximilien, son elevation et sa chute (translated into English by Venables); La Contre-guerilla francaise au Mexique, are specially noteworthy; Prince Felix Salm-Salm's Diary gives valuable information as to Maximilian's decline and fall.

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