Sentence Examples

  • 11); the new moons and the Sabbaths alike called men to the sanctuary to do sacrifice (Isa.
  • In older times these feast-days appear to have been Sabbaths (Lev.
  • Further, if the Sabbaths fell on each 7th day through the year, any indication by dated documents of a falling off in the number of transactions on the 7th day of the month must obviously be completely disguised.
  • Of the same character and of about the same date are the Pesiqta, on the lessons for Sabbaths and feast-days, and Wayyiqra R.
  • Half a century later the famous Gaon Seadiah, also of Sura, issued his Siddur, in which the rubrical matter is in Arabic. Besides the Siddur, or order for Sabbaths and general use, there is the Mahzor (cycle) for festivals and fasts.