Sentence Examples

  • RQ po/ a a country.
  • _rq g G u/ f of Niu-chwang, and strikes southward to Kin-chow at the extremity of the Liao-tung peninsula.
  • If then we put a negative point-charge -qr/d at B, it follows that the spherical surface will be a zero potential surface, for q rq 1 (24).
  • I (5), one of the labial tentacles n is also thrown back to show the mouth w, and the two left gill-plates are reflected to show the gill-plates of the right side (rr, rq) projecting behind the foot, the inner or median plate of each side being united by concrescence to its fellow of the opposite side along a continuous line (aa).
  • B is then brought to face A and uninsulated, so that the charge on A becomes rQ, where + 7- -) .