Sentence Examples

  • Now, with the release of Magna Carta: Tears of Blood for the Sony PlayStation 2, Atlus introduces us to the rare breed that is the Korean RPG while showing all of us a good example of why exactly this is primarily a two-horse race.
  • Carrying their RPG format to SNES and then eventually abandoning Nintendo's N64 and creating Final Fantasy 7, a new generation of gamers was faced with the top selling game for the PlayStation One and the results were astounding.
  • For those of you out there looking to try PlayStation 3 games, give the following titles a shot: Resistance: Fall of Man (shooter), Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (RPG), or Armored Core 4 (for you Mech warrior types out there).
  • Offering challenging battle scenarios with armies of Infantry, Archers, Spearman and Sappers with up close and personal combat, Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders will provide hours of enjoyment for strategy and RPG gamers.
  • It's true that most people don't buy the gamecube for the RPG genre in particular; that may be the root cause that this gem of a game has been overlooked by those who would love to see such advances made on the system.