Sentence Examples

  • It was a point she would have to tactfully convey to Roxanne.
  • Most suits still come equipped with the bra-style swimsuit tops and sizing that Roxanne is known for, but you wouldn't suspect there was so much going on under the fabric to look at one of these suits.
  • Roxanne Swimwear not only took up the mix and match challenge, it answered the call with innovative styling that would provide the best fit of all: bra-style swimsuit tops.
  • Chakotay's best friend on the ship is engineer B'Elanna Torres (Roxanne Dawson), but even he sometimes finds her Klingon volatility a bit hard to take.
  • Other characters included Meg's best friend, Roxanne Bojarski, the Walker family and a host of romantic interests and friends of Meg and Roxanne.

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