Sentence Examples

  • You can have dishes cooking in the oven as well as additional dishes going in the rotisserie oven,cutting down the time it takes to prepare holiday meals or to get ready for a big party.
  • Initially brought to market primarily through infomercials, George Foreman rotisserie oven and grill units, as well as other product options, are now available in department and mass merchandise stores virtually everywhere.
  • If you're wondering why anyone would purchase a rotisserie oven when it does virtually everything a standard sized kitchen oven can do, you have to understand the added benefit of how a rotisserie oven cooks meat.
  • Baby George and Big George models - Before introducing the George Foreman Countertop Oven & Rotisserie ovens to the market, the company sold Baby George and Big George countertop rotisserie ovens.
  • Whether you're looking for a space saving under the counter toaster oven or something that will cook your rotisserie chicken perfectly, take the time to compare your potential purchases.