Sentence Examples

  • About a decade ago, when Rodman was better known for his skills on the court than any of his other cross-dressing, attention getting adolescent behavior, Rodman was arrested multiple times in a span of a few short months for drunk driving.
  • Here is but an incomplete list of the famous men/women she has been linked to: Sean Penn (married), Warren Beatty, DJ John 'Jellybean' Benitez, Vanilla Ice, Dennis Rodman, John F.
  • Dennis Rodman: Although this highly recognizable basketball star initially enters treatment under court order, he eventually comes to terms with the fact that he is an alcoholic.
  • Sorry Rodman fans, but because he has fallen so far down from where he sat at the top years ago, he is relegated to the 10-Minute celebrity category.
  • Sources say that Rodman is in desperate need of an intensive in-patient rehab facility, but being his same old combative self, he refuses to go.