Sentence Examples

  • Colbie had seen Lauryn Hill in the film Sister Act 2, but it was Hill's remake of the Roberta Flack song Killing Me Softly that piqued Colbie's interest in singing and songwriting.
  • LoveToKnow would like to thank Roberta Backus Turner for providing useful insider information on kids' cruises and tips on selecting the perfect voyage for children of all ages.
  • On the ticketing crew you find Gina, Denise, Mike, Ken, Tim, Lori, Tiffany, Marylin, Fatima, Shawn, Roberta, Luz, Paul, Jim, Carmen, Marlene, Lisa, Jeff, Danielle, and Brian.
  • Influenced by past soul greats, like Aretha Franklin, Dusty Springfield and Roberta Flack, Stone released her first album, The Soul Sessions, in 2003.
  • The Roberta 843 shown on the site contains little bubbles on the arms of the frames and comes available in three colors: crystal, black, and brown.