Sentence Examples

  • Forming his increased forces into two divisions, he committed the charge of one to his colleague Rivas, and pushing on for Caracas the capital, issued his decree of "war to the death."
  • ANGEL DE SAAVEDRA, DUKE OF RIVAS (1791-1865), Spanish poet and politician, was born at Cordova on the 19th of March 17 9 1.
  • - Obras completas del Duque de Rivas (Madrid, 1894-1904); L.
  • Nicaragua comes within the zone of the wet northeast trade-winds, which sweep inland from the Atlantic. The rainfall is heavy along the west side of the lacustrine basin, with an annual mean at Rivas of 102 in., but this figure is sometimes greatly exceeded on the east coast, where rain is common even in the dry season.