Sentence Examples

  • It's actually called the Rigel Optics LED, Day & Night Vision Goggles Emergency Set; this one's probably a bit more than the average shopper will need.
  • You get the Rigel 3200 Pro goggles along with a conversion kit, two sets of spare batteries, flashlight, and laser pointer.
  • Or " Sirian " type includes most of the bright white stars, such as Sirius, Vega, Rigel, &c.; it is characterized by strong broad hydrogen lines, which are often the only absorption lines visible.
  • As a rule contrasted colours are shown by pairs having a bright and a faint component which are relatively wide apart; brilliant white stars frequently have a blue attendant - this is instanced in the case of Regulus and Rigel.
  • Brightness is particularly deceptive; thus Canopus, the second brightest star in the heavens, has probably a parallax of less than 0.01 ", and so also has Rigel.