Sentence Examples

  • Bad to the Bone: This is a great bag because even though it features the words "Bad to the Bone", it showcases just about the cutest, sweetest and most docile looking Ridgeback you've probably ever seen!
  • Dog lovers are well known for their intense and ardent affection for man's best friend, and while most love all four-legged friends, the Rhodesian Ridgeback may hold a special place for some.
  • Rhodesian Ridgeback: This oval shaped tote is simplicity at it's very best as all that is featured here is are the words, "Rhodesian Ridgeback" with only a small paw print for decoration.
  • Good Dog: Good Dog is sure to tug at your heart strings as the Ridgeback here is sitting on his haunches, head cocked adorably to one side and of course, tail wagging a mile a minute!
  • Big Tall does its name justice by paying homage to all of the big (and tall1) dogs that steal our hearts, and of course, the Rhodesian ridgeback is high on that list.