Sentence Examples

  • The hind-foot is very like that of a rhinoceros, having three welldeveloped toes.
  • Among the wild animals found in the mountains are elephant, rhinoceros, bison and various kinds of feathered game.
  • From March to August) the square-mouthed rhinoceros is usually very fat; and its meat is then most excellent, being something like beef, but yet having a peculiar flavour of its own.
  • 7raXat6s, old, and Mos, stone), in anthropology, the characteristic epithet of the Drift or early Stone Age when Man shared the possession of Europe with the mammoth, the cave-bear, the woolly-haired rhinoceros and other extinct animals.
  • East Africa is rich in all kinds of antelope, and the elephant, rhinoceros and hippopotamus are still plentiful in parts.