Sentence Examples

  • Rh factor (abbreviated from Rhesus Factor) is not something that you can change--your Rh factor was decided when you were conceived, as determined by the Rh factors of your mother and father.
  • The Rh factor was first identified in the blood of a rhesus monkey and is also known as the rhesus factor.
  • Rabies virus adsorbed (RVA)-A rabies vaccine in which the virus is grown in cultures of lung cells from rhesus monkeys, inactivated, and adsorbed to aluminum phosphate.
  • Rabies vaccine adsorbed (RVA) is manufactured from virus grown in cell cultures of fetal rhesus monkey lung cells and then inactivated.
  • In the past Rhesus (Rh) blood factor incompatibility between the mother and child was a major cause of kernicterus.