Sentence Examples

  • Mutations that inactivate the RET gene are the most frequent, occurring in 50 percent of familial cases (cases which run in families) and 15 to 20 percent of sporadic (non-familial) cases.
  • Ret, Retinula cells.
  • D, Transverse section of a retinula of the lateral eye of Limulus, showing ten retinula cells (ret), each bearing a rhabdomere (rhab).
  • A, Diagram of a retinula of the central eye of a scorpion consisting of five retina-cells (ret), with adherent branched pigment cells (pig).
  • Fresh translations of Aristotle and Averroes had already been made from the Arabic (IIepi ret ivropiat from the Hebrew) by Michael Scot, and Hermannus Alamannus, at the instance of the emperor Frederick II.; so that the whole body of Aristotle's works was at hand in Latin translations from about 1210 to 1225.