Sentence Examples

  • At the Cape of Good Hope, after more than 200,000 pointings had been made, the screw-errors were redetermined; the results proved the truth of the above conclusions, viz.
  • Seubert redetermined this constant for platinum, osmium and iridium; E.
  • This law-purely empirical in origin-was strengthened by Berzelius, who redetermined many specific heats, and applied the law to determine the true atomic weight from the equivalent weight.
  • That is to say, the metre might be redetermined or restored as to its length within one ten-millionth part, by reference to, e.g., 1553163.5 wave-lengths of the red ray of the spectrum of cadmium, in air at 15° C. and 760 mm.
  • At Pulkowa he redetermined the " constant of aberration...

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