Sentence Examples

  • Here he held several councils for the discussion of the affairs of the church, especially for grave questions as to the rebaptism of heretics, and the readmission into the church of the lapsi, or those who had fallen; away through fear during the heat of the persecution.
  • By the partial readmission of the riformatori and exclusion of the twelve, the permanent balia was now composed of nine priors (three of the nine, three of the people, and three of the riformatori) and of a captain of the people to be chosen from each of the three monti in turn.
  • The readmission of the Medici, a fine of 150,000 florins, and an alliance with Spain.
  • Antiquities," Baptism, Iteration of "; and on that of the readmission of heretics into the church, compare Martene, De ritibus, and Morinus, De poenitentia.
  • During the summer of 1865 he set up provisional civil governments in all the seceded states except Texas, and within a few months all those states were reorganized and applying for readmission to the Union.