Sentence Examples

  • Latitudinally the region subdivides naturally into several well- marked s,ih-rea-innc which most he hrieflir discussed.
  • Agincourt rea H FIG.
  • Let s be the perpendicular from 0, the join of C and T on the direction of S; t the perpendicular from A, the join of C and S on the direction of T; and c the perpendicular from B, the join of S and T on the direction of C. Taking moments about 0, Rx - W 1 (x+a) - W 2 (x+2a) =Ss; taking moments about A, R3a-W 1 2a-W 2 a =Tt; and taking moments about B, Rea-W I a = Cc.
  • Like his predecessors he reserved to himself the right to resist it in the realm of politics; in the rea!m of faith he considered that he owed to it his entire allegiance.
  • It is, however, clear from the census returns that at the beginning of the 20th century, rea and Population of the Former and Present Provinces.