Sentence Examples

  • As protector Nicholas of the Orthodox Christians he espoused the cause of L and the the rayahs in Greece, Servia and Rumania.
  • His failure to do so - in externals - left him isolated in his empire: rayahs and true believers alike distrusted and hated him.
  • This corruption was fatally apparent in the army, the feudal basis of which was sapped by the confiscation of fiefs for the benefit of nominees of favourites of the harem, and by the intrusion, through the same influences of foreigners and rayahs into the corps of janissaries, of which the discipline became more and more relaxed and the temper increasingly turbulent.
  • The dhimmi of Sicily were in essentially the same case as the rayahs of the Turk.
  • Five classes of rayahs existed under Turkish rule, - (i) the Greek, or Roum milleti; (2) the Armenian, or Emeni milleti; (3) the Catholic Armenians - eremeni gatoliki milleti; (4) the Latin Christians, or Roum gatoliki milleti; and (5) the Jews, or ichondi milleti.

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