Sentence Examples

  • Charming every early blooming dwarf ranunculaceous herbs.
  • Free-growing but rather weedy ranunculaceous plants, in many cases having elegantly cut foliage.
  • Showy ranunculaceous plants, of free growth, flowering about May and June.
  • Four species of Dewalquea, a ranunculaceous genus allied to the hellebore, make their appearance in the Upper Senonian of Westphalia, other species occurring at Aix-la-Chapelle in deposits of about the same age.
  • Among the flowering plants are Dewalquea, a ranunculaceous genus already mentioned as occurring in the Upper Cretaceous, and numerous living genera of forest-trees, such as occur throughout the Tertiary period, and are readily comparable with living forms. Saporta has described about seventy Dicotyledons, most of which are peculiar to this locality.

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