Sentence Examples

  • The suspected theses included such points as the following: that Christ descended ad inferos not in His real presence but quoad effectum; that no image or cross should receive latreia even in the sense allowed by Thomas; that it is more reasonable to regard Origen as saved than as damned; that it is not in a man's free will to believe or disbelieve an article of faith as he pleases.
  • This division is expressed in legal language by the terms, parishes quoad omnia (i.e.
  • Quoad civilia et sacra) and parishes quoad sacra - civilia being such matters as church rates, education, poor law and sanitary purposes, and sacra being such as concern the administration of church ordinances, and fall under the cognizance of the church courts.
  • (2) Quoad Sacra Parishes.
  • - The ecclesiastical or quoad sacra parish is a modern creation.

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