Sentence Examples

  • The more complex phenazines, such as the naphthophenazines, naphthazines and naphthotolazines, may be prepared by condensing ortho-diamines with ortho-quinones (0.
  • Aminoand oxy-benzenes, aminophenols, quinones, and oxycarboxylic acids.
  • When treated with hydrochloric acid and potassium chlorate, no chlorinated quinones are obtained (M.
  • QUINONES, in organic chemistry, a group of compounds in which two hydrogen atoms of a benzene nucleus are replaced by two oxygen atoms. This replacement may take place either in the ortho or para positions, giving rise to orthoquinones or to paraquinones; metaquinones do not appear to have been isolated.
  • The para or true quinones are obtained by the oxidation of hydrocarbons with chromic acid or of various para di-derivatives of benzene with chromic acid mixture, such, for example, as para-aminophenol, para-phenylene diamine, paraa.minoazobenzene, &c. H.