Sentence Examples

  • It contains 8 quarts or 2 gallons, and is 4 of a bushel.
  • The concern was not prosperous - though Samuel Foote's assertion that he had known Garrick with three quarts of vinegar in the cellar calling himself a wine merchant need not be taken literally - and before the end of 1741 he had spent nearly half of his capital.
  • The British imperial gallon of four quarts contains 277.274 cub.
  • One of his first discoveries at the Pneumatic Institution on the 9th of April 17 9 9 was that pure nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is perfectly respirable, and he narrates that on the next day he became "absolutely intoxicated" through breathing sixteen quarts of it for "near seven minutes."
  • The fruit crop consists very largely of apples and strawberries (1,421,773 bushels of apples and 1,066,860 quarts of strawberries in 1899).