Sentence Examples

  • The fourth book deals with the circle in its relations to inscribed and circumscribed triangles, quadrilaterals and regular polygons.
  • Owing to the small size of the experimental wire, the method is very quick and sensitive, and the apparatus can be set up in a few minutes when once the experimental quadrilaterals have been made.
  • 37 The mensuration of earthwork involves consideration of quadrilaterals whose dimensions are given by special data, and of prismoids whose sections are D such quadrilaterals.
  • When dealing with maps not drawn on an equal area projection we substitute quadrilaterals bounded by meridians and parallels, the areas for which are given in the " Smithsonian Geographical Tables " (1894), in Professor H.
  • Quadrilaterals, hexagons, &c., all of which are rectilineal figures, a triangle is "differentiated" as having three sides.