Sentence Examples

  • (30) Hence the planes of constant quadratic moment Mk2 will envelop the quadric a2+b2+c2~~ (31)
  • The diameter of a quadric surface is a line at the extremities of which the tangent planes are parallel.
  • The physical properties of a heterogeneous body (provided they vary continuously from point to point) are known to depend, in the neighbourhood of any one point of the body, on a quadric function of the co-ordinates with reference to that point.
  • Same is true of physical quantities such as potential, temperature, &c., throughout small regions in which their variations are continuous; and also, without restriction of dimensions, of moments of inertia, &c. Hence, in addition to its geometrical applications to surfaces of the second order, the theory of quadric functions of position is of fundamental importance in physics.
  • And therefore varies as the square of the perpendicular drawn from 0 to a tangent plane of a certain quadric surface, the tangent plane in question being parallel to (22).