Sentence Examples

  • The needle in its normal position is symmetrically placed with regard to the quadrants, and carries a mirror by means of which its displacement can be observed in the usual manner by reflecting the ray of light from it.
  • According to the mathematical theory of the instrument,' if V and V' are the potentials of the quadrants and v is the potential of the needle, then the torque acting upon the needle to cause rotation is given by the expression, C(V - V'){v-2(V-{-V')}, where C is some constant.
  • The gonio plate below is divided into 4 quadrants, and each quadrant into 10 spaces of 9° each 11 11 numbered in hundreds from o 'o 900.
  • These two quadrants are interconnected by the high resistance to be measured, and, therefore, themselves differ in potential.
  • The opposite quadrants are connected together by thin platinum wires.