Sentence Examples

  • The pilots were all Indians, and they used the forestaff and quadrant for their observations.
  • The first root after zero is thus in the third quadrant, corresponding to m =1.
  • The old method of giving quadrant elevation by clinometer was obviously too slow.
  • 1) is a wooden quadrant in.
  • Turning, therefore, to a globe, Asia, viewed as a whole, will be seen to have the form of a great isosceles spherical triangle, having its north-eastern apex at East Cape (Vostochnyi), in Bering Strait; its two equal sides, in length about a quadrant of the sphere, or 6500 m., extending on the west to the southern point of Arabia, and on the east to the extremity of the Malay peninsula; and the base between these points occupying about 60° of a great circle, or 4 500 m., and being deeply indented by the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal on either side of the Indian peninsula.