Sentence Examples

  • The pentammine purpureo-salts are formed from the luteo-salts by loss of ammonia, or from an air slowly oxidized ammoniacal cobalt salt solution, the precipitated luteosalt being filtered off and the filtrate boiled with concentrated acids.
  • They are formed by the action of nitrous fumes on ammoniacal solutions of cobaltous salts, or purpureo-salts, or by the mutual reaction of chlorpurpureosalts and alkaline nitrites.
  • They are of a reddish colour and usually crystallize well; on heating with concentrated acids are usually transformed into the purpureo-salts.
  • H 2 0],thechlorpentammine or purpureo-chromium salts, R 1 2 [Cr(NH 3) 5 Cl], the nitrito pentammine or xanthochromium salts, R 1 2[N02 (NH3)5 Cr], the luteo or hexammine chromium salts, R 1 3[(NH3) 6 Cr], and the rhodochromium salts: where R 1 = a monovalent acid radical and M = a monovalent basic radical.