Sentence Examples

  • Malpighi, who affirmed that the body of the chick is to be seen in the egg before the punctum sanguineum makes it appearance.
  • Ii, pi, and sometimes ci, as in,meier (mittere), cater (captare), punto (punctum); but it is to be observed that the habitual mode of representing ci in normal Castilian is by ch (pron.
  • The simple microscope enlarges the angle of vision, and does not tire the eye when it is arranged so that the image lies in the farthest limit of distinct vision (the punctum remotum).
  • Distance, it follows (to him) the apparent size is tan w =y14; and to secure convenient vision through the lens the short-sighted person would bring the object to such a distance that a virtual, magnified image would be projected in his punctum remotum.