Sentence Examples

  • In the erect position of the leaf the lower side has its cells extremely turgid, and the pulvinus thus forms a cushion, holding up the petiole.
  • 20, p), forming the pulvinus, formed of cellular tissue, the cells of which exhibit the phenomenon of irritability.
  • 20) a sensitiveness is located in the pulvinus which upon irritation induces a depression of the whole bipinnate leaf, a similar property exists in the pulvini at the base of the leaflets which fold upwards.
  • These symbols were laid upon a couch (lectus), the left arm resting on a cushion (pulvinus, whence the couch itself was often called pulvinar) in the attitude of reclining.
  • Irritability resides in the pulvinus,in the pea and bean family, in rosaceous plants and the family Rubiaceae.