Sentence Examples

  • Moreover, since behavior is the common means by which STDs occur, an important first step in fighting STDs is to understand the prevalence and patterns of risk behaviors as well as the psychosocial context in which these behaviors occur.
  • According to Erikson, the socialization process of an individual consists of eight phases, each one accompanied by a "psychosocial crisis" that must be solved if the person is to manage the next and subsequent phases satisfactorily.
  • Any child or adolescent that exhibits symptoms of psychosocial personality disorder should be taken to his or her health care provider as soon as possible for evaluation and possible referral to a mental health care professional.
  • In addition to disorder-specific symptoms, children with psychosocial dysfunction usually have difficulty functioning normally in social situations and may have trouble forming and maintaining close interpersonal relationships.
  • Children with symptoms of psychosocial disorders or other mental illness should undergo a thorough physical examination and patient history to rule out an organic cause for the illness (such as a neurological disorder).