Sentence Examples

  • Regardless of the specific cause of DIC, the results are a malfunction of thrombin (an enzyme) and prothrombin (a glycoprotein), which activate the fibrinolytic system, releasing clotting factors in the blood.
  • Hypothrombinemia is diagnosed based on family history and the use of tests that measure vitamin K deficiency, deficiency of prothrombin, and measurements of clotting factors V, VII, IX, and X.
  • A deficiency of factor VII, also called serum prothrombin conversion accelerator (SPCA) deficiency, affects one in 500,000 people and is often diagnosed in newborns.
  • Diagnosis usually requires a number of laboratory tests that measure concentrations of platelets and fibrinogen in the blood along with measuring prothrombin time.
  • Factor XI deficiency is determined by measuring the specific coagulation factor as well as other coagulation tests including prothrombin time and clotting time.