Sentence Examples

  • It's a simple and scientific formula; when the melanin in your skin (your skin's natural protectant) can no longer accommodate the amount of ultraviolet rays that it is being exposed to, it will burn, plain and simple.
  • Many mineral pressed foundations are designed to be four in one products, acting as a foundation, additional application acting as a concealing agent, and simultaneously a finishing powder and sun protectant.
  • Purchase a liquid latex product and additional materials in order to make a latex suit just for you: a plastic sheet, petroleum jelly, foam application brushes, rubber protectant, and a hair dryer.
  • A pedicure for a man will usually include nail filing and shaping, buffing of the heels and other rough skin patches, and application of a nail hardener and protectant to the toenails.
  • When using heat implements like blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons, spray a thermal protectant such as Aquage Beyond Body Thermal Spray to protect your hair from damage.