Sentence Examples

  • The proscription of the Jewish religion was withdrawn and the Temple restored to them.
  • Then came the memorable "proscription," when for the first time in Roman history a list of men declared to be outlaws and public enemies was exhibited in the forum, and a reign of terror began throughout Rome and Italy.
  • After the Yorkist failure at Ludlow in 1459, it was Margaret's vindictiveness that embittered the struggle by, a wholesale proscription of her opponents in the parliament at Coventry.
  • All these persons had previously been marked down on Archbishop Trolle's proscription list.
  • In a speech in the Senate defending Van Buren against an attack by Henry Clay, Marcy made the unfortunate remark that " to the victors belong the spoils of the enemy," and thereby became widely known as a champion of the proscription of political opponents.