Sentence Examples

  • From 1855 to 1903 the liquor law was essentially prohibitory, but in the latter year an act licensing the traffic was passed.
  • Wholesale and retail trade flourished all along the coast in defiance of prohibitory laws.
  • A law prohibiting drunkenness (1835) was followed in 1838 by a licence law and in 1839 by a law prohibiting the importation of spirits and taxing wines fifty cents a gallon; in 1840 another prohibitory law was enacted; but licence laws soon made the sale of liquor common.
  • He practised and pertinaciously advocated total abstinence from spirituous liquors, but did not regard prohibitory laws as always wise.
  • Hardin (2890), in which the court held that liquor might be imported into any state and sold in the original package without reference to local prohibitory or restrictive laws.