Sentence Examples

  • (r) Pigmy-prognathous (so-called " Congo " pigmies of Semliki forest, of Kiagwe in Buganda, and of the western graphers (with the consent of Edward VII.) Lake Edward, and.
  • The languages spoken in the Uganda Protectorate belong to the following stocks: (1) Hamitic (Murle and Rendile of Lake Rudolf); (2) Masai (Bari, Elgumi, Turkana, Suk, &c.); (2a) Sabei, on the northern slopes of Elgon and on Mt Debasien; (2b) Nilotic (Acholi, Aluru, Gang, &c.); (3) Madi (spoken on the Nile between Aluru and Bari, really of West African affinities); (4) Bantu (Lu-ganda, Runyoro, Lu-konjo, Kuamba, Lihuku, the Masaba languages of west Elgon and Kavirondo, &c.); and lastly, the unclassified, isolated Lendu and Mbuba spoken by some of the pigmy-prognathous peoples.
  • The skull is sub-brachycephalic in type, with an index of 82.6 from living " specimens " and 79 from a large collection of skulls; it is never prognathous.